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Mahappy is a clothing lifestyle brand that aims to create products and experiences to make the world a more optimistic place. This unique modern design started from scratch as Madhappy did not have any previous websites. The goal was to approach it in the most minimal way and to enhance their online presence and showcase their brand for their customers.
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All work done at SeedCMS

I worked on the Madhappy project as the UX/UI Designer to improve the site's functionality

Our client's main issue was that pages weren't easily shareable, for a clothing company such as Madhappy; product pages being easily shareable delivers great value. My design work mainly focused on solving this issue. Additionally I also made sure that the cart icon is always visible and was paired with an easy "add to cart" and one-click checkout.

product page

A lot of focus was given into making sure the cart/bag icon was always visible on the header for easy access where users would be directed to the checkout page.

The client's requirements included a specific concept for the product page and it's functionality - to deliver on this requirement, I carried out a deep research sprint into how different websites to see how other brands would show their filters on the collection page.

The outcome was a collection page which has a simple filter to navigate on the top of the products.

product categories & filters