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web & mobile redesign
KITH is a Shopify store that has been changing its looks and fashion throughout the years, but now with it’s updated look, KITH has become an ecommerce sensation when it comes to changing the looks and feel every year.
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All work done at SeedCMS

I worked on KITH as the UI/UX & web designer to update the layout of the website and give it a fresh look.

The main problem our client was facing was overall functionality and page loading. Over time, the user flow had become very problematic and navigation had become very complex and difficult. When a user landed on the homepage or any other pages, it would load slowly and the client was seeing that many users weren't accessing the website for this reason.

The client needed a completely new website redesign with a modern and fresh appearance. In order to achieve this project with the client’s needs, I had to conduct research on other brands similar to KITH. I had to design different concepts and explore the direction the client wanted to go with.

left-to-right: footwear & product page

We focused on creating a much more intuitive header with a dropdown menu, icons to achieve a more simple and engaging design flow.

Next we began simplifying the landing on the page. This was done by simplifying amount of functionality presented to a user when they arrive at the page and creating a simple user flow with navigation with consistency. This was achieved through exploring different headers from websites that have dropdowns with icons and carrying out competitive analysis then roughly sketching design concepts.

To maintain consistency and simplicity, it was important that the design wasn't an overkill. I focused on making sure that each section was simple, had minimal copy with a clear call to action.

left-to-right: men's section, kids section & treats section
left-to-right: footwear, mens, footwear, product & cart