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site redesign
Jac+Jack is a simple minimal class redesign ecommerce website with the main focus on engaging the user with a brand story using beautiful photography and focusing on an intuitive user-experience and the goals of the brand itself.
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All work done at SeedCMS

As the UX/UI designer working on the Jac+Jack project, I had to redesign the site to give it a fresh look and make it feel more energetic.

The previous live site didn't have any ways to communicate how the product feels and how it feels on - this was a main focus on our redesign.

right-to-left: home, collections &product page

The main area of focus to solving these issues was refining & improving functionality for the current site and make sure the website felt like you were in a store. To achieve this, I had to collaborate with the development team to explore simple functionalities that would make the site feel less lifeless and more energetic, such as the hover effect and fading in images as the user scrolled.

top-to-bottom: collections, product, lookback &stories page