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site redesign
Garrett Leight
Garrett Leight is well known for its diverse eyeglasses and sunglasses. They needed a more engaging experience for it’s users, an updated website for their online presence, and a performing web responsive platform.
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All work done at SeedCMS

The client came to us with wireframes and needed help redefining the structure of the website and confine the UI design.

For Garrett Leight's website, it was important to make sure it was 100% consistent with the brand, such as font, color palette, and all the images had to be consistent with each other - to ensure everything sticks to this style, a complete styleguide was developed.

As the UX designer, my main area of focus was to make sure each page was fully designed, using the provided wireframes for the Homepage, Product page and Collection. The main focus was to mainly fully design and build out the About page, Cart page , Stories page, Collaborations page and Contact page.

top-to-bottom: stories, about, contact, collaborations & cart